The Bride

Every bride wakes up giddy the morning of their wedding. Anticipation, nervous energy and excited flood their minds. Rarely is there a sane person on their wedding day - they have worked too long and too hard for something to go wrong at this point. That's why choosing the right photographer matters.

Will your photographer bring extra bobby pins, hairspray and sneak you snacks throughout the evening to make sure you're hydrated and fed? Will your photographer capture the priceless moments throughout your day? Can you completely trust them to handle any situation that goes awry? Your photographer is more than the lady behind the camera. She's your personal confidant, errand runner and calming presence. Trusting them will put you at ease throughout the day and allow you to actually enjoy what you've worked for. And trust begins by knowing the answer to these simple questions:

  1. Do you have experience in all types of lighting situations?
  2. Do you back your photos up on multiple devices or hard drives?
  3. What is your support plan for brides on their wedding day?

These are the biggest problem areas when it comes to wedding photography. By asking these questions before booking, she can be absolutely sure her wedding is in good hands.

The Photographer